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Enrolling Your Child Into Year 1

Our full entrance criteria can be found in the PDF file shown below, but the main points can be summarised as follows:

  1. Children of compulsory school age who normally reside in the Parish of Glendermott
  2. Children of compulsory school age from other areas.


In the event of over-subscription, the following sub-criteria will be applied in order:

  1. Children who have a brother/sister (half brother/sister) presently enrolled in the school
  2. Children transferring from Trench Road Nursery School and Jack & Jill Community Playgroup
  3. Children whose brother/sister (half brother/sister), parent/guardian are prior pupils of the school
  4. Children whose parent/guardian is presently a permanent member of the school teaching/ancilliary/auxiliary staff or management.


Admissions Criteria (after the beginning of the school year)

Entry to Year 1 - the same criteria as listed above will be used


Entry to other Year Groups:

  1. A place will be provided as long as the school has not exceeded its enrolment figure as determined by DENI
  2. A place will be granted as long as this does not impinge upon the efficient use of the school's resources


To read the full version of our Admissions Criteria, please open the PDF file shown below, or contact us here at school and we will discuss the matter with you.  Thank You.

Admissions Criteria - full version

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