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Guitar Club

Guitar classes have been very popular over recent years, as the children in Year 6 & 7 are very keen to get the road to rock stardom!  This year's crop of students are learning how to play open-tuning guitar (DADGAD) rather than 'standard tuning' and they are making very quick progress.  They love how easy the chords within this tuning are and how quickly they can get to playing songs that they know.  The club is taken by our school principal, Mr Bradley whose aim is to plant the seeds of a love and enjoyment of music within the chiildren that will grow with them as they grow themselves.

School management is also now exploring the possibility of providing all Year 6 children with a weekly guitar lesson as part of their music curriculum.  This will hopefully be provided by WELB staff but we are the early stages of planning for this.  Fingers crossed....

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