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World Around Us

Children are naturally curious and often ask questions about the world in which they live.  The purpose of this Area of Learning is to answer those questions in a hands-on fashion.  They are encouraged to use their senses in order to develop their powers of observation, their ability to sort and classify, explore, predict and experiment.

  • Foundation Stage: through Play, the children will be encouraged to... 
    • Ask questions about why things happen
    • Look at similarities and differences in nature
    • Explore current and old photographs, household objects etc to introduce a sense of time
    • Listen to stories that emphasise this sense of time
    • Develop an awareness of the environment around them and how they can care for it
  •  Key Stage 1 & 2: here the focus moves on to History, Geography and Science.  The children will be given opportunities to develop...
    • Self-confidence and self-esteem in expressing and sharing their thoughts and ideas while building an appreciation of the beauty and wonder of the world
    • An awareness of themselves and their place in the world, as well as of other places, cultures and the environment
    • An awareness of ICT and its impact on society and the world around them.

Bringing History To Life (Year 5)

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