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Physical Education

The purpose of our Physical Education programme is to develop the children's knowledge, understanding and skills that will allow them to participate competently and confidently in a range of physical activities.  We try to ensure that each child experiences a sense of fun, enjoyment and achievement through a range of increasingly challenging activities, and that they begin to understand the benefits of regular physical activity and its links to good health.

Our extra-curricular programme provides furhter opportunities for children to extend and develop skills within areas that they wish to explore further, for example, gaelic, soccer, swimming, netball, dance and cross-country running.

Through regular and frequent participation in our programme we expect children to develop:

  • Fundamental movement skills that improve co-ordination, flexibility, stamina etc.
  • Knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of physical activities
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem as individuals or as team members
  • Positive attitudes towards physical activity that will last well beyond their time in primary school
  • An understanding of the links between physical activity and good health
  • An awareness of safety in sport and activity.