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The Board of Governors of Sacred Heart PS is made up of enthusiastic and committed people from various parts of our parish who work in close partnership with the staff of the school to ensure that each child reaches his/her full potential. Those on the Board come from various walks of life and each is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience and outcomes for all those in our care. Some members are educationalists, some come from a finance background; others stem from the world of business but all are rooted in supporting the role of Catholic education within our parish.


The governors play an important role within school - they provide strategic management, critical challenge and accountability. They appoint the principal and staff, and delegate the daily management of the school to them. They also oversee all recruitment and finance matters, monitor all aspects of the curriculum including educational outcomes, and pay special attention to the handing on of the faith within the school. The governors usually meet once a term but can meet more often as the need arises, e.g. if there are several appointments to be made.


Meet the Governors...


Mr Paul Kealey (Trustee & Chairperson) Mr Brendan Carlin (Trustee & Vice Chairperson)
Mrs Patricia Houston (Trustee) Mrs Mary McLaughlin (Trustee)
Mr Frank Orr (DENI) Mr Martin Reilly (EA)
Mr Gerard Doherty (EA) Mr Gavin Hutchinson (Parent Rep)
Mrs Stephanie McLaughlin (Teachers' Rep) Mrs Louise Cunning (Secretary)


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