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Our Trip to the Cultúrlann


Year 6 went to the Cultúrlann to take part in a workshop with the Armagh Rhymers. They told us that years ago, on cold, winter nights, they would go around houses performing in kitchens. They played music, sang and danced. They also told us stories and recited poems. We learnt how a story would have started with, “Fadó, Fadó… wasn’t in my time, it wasn’t in your time, it wasn’t in your mammy’s time….but it was a great time!” This made us laugh!

We enjoyed learning a funny dance. It was called Shoe the Donkey. The Armagh rhymers taught us the steps and then we tried to do the dance. Some children were asked to play musical instruments while we danced. We really enjoyed the workshop and were sad that it was over so quickly!

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