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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has the potential to enhance and transform pupils' learning experiences across the curriculum, and the teachers here at Sacred Heart will use various approaches/technologies to ensure that this happens.  Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, one desktop PC, one laptop and at present 2 iPads, although we hope to grow this in the next few years.

We are also very fortunate in that we have two computer suites - one dedicated to Apple Mac technologies, the other to Windows.  Both of these allow the children to improve their thinking skills and creativity, while moving steadily towards becoming independent, self-motivated and flexible learners.

The introduction of iPads over the past two years has proven to be very popular both with staff and children alike.  These are used in all classrooms both as standalone items to support an individual's learning, and more and more as a teaching tool for whole class development.  All staff have embarked on a training programme provided by iTeach and we will be investing further in this training and in providing more iPads over the next year or so.

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